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" Their introspective melodies are fine,

   the heavy and aggressive extreme dose as

   well,then we can say that. Whatever you call

   their style,it's very good."


- Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia, Metal-




Melodic Rock/Metal

Years Active:

2012- Present


Inverse Records




Current Line-up:

Tuomas Kotajärvi - Lead Vocals

Janne Puranen - Vocals & Bass

Eino Roihuvuo - Rhythm Guitar

Toni Hangasmäki - Lead Guitar

Roni Revell - Vocals & Drums



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Due to an being busy with upcoming double single and album we are also filming music video. Release dates will be announced later.

We hope to release everything we are now working on in Q2 2020.

More upcoming shows will be revealed soon.


Laikunlava - Tampere    24.07.2019


Final Void was formed in Tampere by the members of a hard rock band Rainy Season.

Final Void moved away from hard rock towards a more melodic metal sound.

Holding on to a traditional and determined ”garage band” way of thinking,

Final Void started to form their new sound by touring the nation.


Final Void Biography


Roni Revell

Vocals & Drums

Age: 24

3 Biggest influences:

- Avenged Sevenfold

- Dead By April

- Sonata Arctica

First Instrument: Drums

Why Current instrument?

Drums have been my thing


Janne Puranen

Vocals & Growls & Bass

Age: 32

3 Biggest influences:

- Iron Maiden

- Motörhead

- Judas Priest

First Instrument: Guitar

Why Current instrument?

Chose bass because drums

were taken in school band

7th grade,i haven't regret

that decision

Tuomas Kotajärvi

Lead Vocals

Age: 33

3 Biggest influences:

- Iron Maiden

- Sentenced

- Guns N' Roses

First Instrument: Bass

Why Current instrument?

Singing has been always

the most natural way to

express myself

Eino Roihuvuo

Rhythm Guitar

Age: 33

3 Biggest influences:

- Iced Earth

- Sentenced

- Opeth

First Instrument: Piano

Why Current instrument?

Played piano until junior

high school.

Guitar was much cooler

instrument for young man

Toni Hangasmäki

Lead Guitar

Age: 27

3 Biggest influences:

- Guns N' Roses

- Aerosmith

- Peer Günt

First Instrument: Drums

Why Current instrument?

Changed from drums to

guitar when i was around 14. For me guitar is better

way to express myself

Desperation Rises

The self-published Double single is a small first taste from

already released debut album "Sounds Of Absence".


Desperation Rises is a starting point for Final Void as they

explore the ways to make best possible sounds and styles

that combines what Final Void is and what direction it

evolves while maintaining the roots.

Sounds Of Absence

The self-published album is a powerful and dynamic collection of songs that take the listener on a melodic journey through strong emotions and emotional landscapes.


Final Void does not categorize themselves to a certain genre and listeners have found traces of Sentenced, Metallica, or even Children of Bodom from the unique sound.



Video Review

 FINAL VOID- Thoreau

Video Review: FINAL VOID Thoreau

I really liked this one. This track has the perfect balance of singing, growls, and amazing guitar solos. It has a very powerful message, at least it does for me. The sound is mellow and powerful, has great pick-ups. Another great thing for me is it strong and powerful, yet melodic.

The video shows both mellow and peaceful images as well as strong and powerful ones. That works very well because the song is both mellow and powerful. It is like emotional rock with growls. It makes me think about my journey in life, and wonder what the songwriter was feeling when the song was written, because it is so full of feeling and raw emotion.


Albert Hyrönen played on this track as a guest guitarist after being a finalist in the guitar competition "Kitarasankari". 


This track is definitely a great one, it makes me want to hear the rest of the album. The band has a very unique sound and a lot of talent

- Deanna Revis -

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