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2012-2017 Final Void was formed in 2012, as a continuation of the hard rock band called Rainy Season.


The group began to develop their expression towards heavier melodic rock and metal. Final Void’s debut album “Sounds of Absence” was released in 2017, and it consisted, on the one hand, of songs made during the times of Rainy season, and on the other hand, of songs representing newer genre by Final Void’s guitarist Toni Hangasmäki.


“Sounds of Absence” was well received around the world.

2021 On 19.02.2021, Final Void released their second album “Visions of Fear”.


In the lead of the guitarist Toni Hangasmäki, the group has refined their melodic and dynamic sound in their newest album, and now invites the listeners with them to a journey to the core of fear.


The album’s atmosphere carries the listener throughout delicate melodies and disturbed harmonies, all the way to heavier but groovelike expression.


Delight is only a faded memory in the middle of personal tragedies. In the end of the journey, the listener may find oneself at the edge of the Apocalypse with a questioned mental health, but also with new hope for life.


Roni Revell

Vocals & Drums

3 Biggest influences:

- Nightwish

- Avenged Sevenfold

- Sonata Arctica

First Instrument: Drums

Why Current instrument?

Drums have been my thing


Janne Puranen

Vocals & Growls & Bass

3 Biggest influences:

- Iron Maiden

- Motörhead

- Judas Priest

First Instrument: Guitar

Why Current instrument?

Chose bass because drums

were taken in school band

7th grade,i haven't regret

that decision

Tuomas Kotajärvi

Lead Vocals

3 Biggest influences:

- Iron Maiden

- Sentenced

- Guns N' Roses

First Instrument: Bass

Why Current instrument?

Singing has been always

the most natural way to

express myself

Eino Roihuvuo

Rhythm Guitar

3 Biggest influences:

- Iced Earth

- Sentenced

- Opeth

First Instrument: Piano

Why Current instrument?

Played piano until junior

high school.

Guitar was much cooler

instrument for young man

Toni Hangasmäki

Lead Guitar

3 Biggest influences:

- Guns N' Roses

- Coheed and Cambria

- The Rasmus

First Instrument: Drums

Why Current instrument?

Changed from drums to

guitar when i was around 14. For me guitar is better

way to express myself

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